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$25 - Share our Story
Maps, display boards and reports help us share the stories of the communities we serve.Printing costs are one of the largest we incur.

Fund a display board.

$50 - Provide Tools of the Trade
We rely on up-to-date software and hardware to do our work with the community and to train interns.

Fund one month of software subscriptions.

$100 - Build a Better Block
We connect community groups with design professionals to revitalize buildings and vacant land in Rochester neighborhoods.

Support 3 hours of staff outreach and grant support.

$250- Support a Young Urbanist More than 70
More than 70 students attended our lecture series for free in 2016.

Pay for two students and an intern to attend our 2017 series.

Levels of Giving

Gifts of $500 or more provide the support critical for our sustainability and make it possible for us to continue to offer the Reshaping Rochester series and award events.

Members of the Reshaping Rochester Giving Circle receive:
two guest passes to an evening lecture of your choice;
two invitations to a special gallery event with a guest lecturer;
a limited edition, signed rendering by Roger Brown.


Recurring Donation
You can also make automatic monthly payments for one year!

Sustainer Monthly Options


Donations can be made by mailing us a check made out to CDC Rochester. Checks can be sent to 1115 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609

Contributions can also be made through United Way by clicking here.

Please use RRCDC donor designation number 2528
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